Supported Self-Care

Our supported self-care programmes usually have a focus on:

Detox (ama pachana)

Diet (ahara)

Exercise (vyayama)

Sleep (Nidra)

Our supported self-care programmes typically include:

  • Four telephone support sessions with a Manasa Ayurveda Therapist over a two-month period.

  • Self-Care Resource Pack containing useful materials (e.g. personal detox diary).

  • Use of recommended products (found in our online shop - sold on a not-for-profit basis).

Supported self-care programme with online consultation Total: £70 [equivalent to: £14 per session]

Extended support programme following consultation Total: £60 [equivalent to: £12 per session]

UP TO 75% OFF for those on benefits or a low income

All bookings are made using our online booking system

Individual Therapy

Together with your Manasa Ayurveda consultant, a personally tailored, programme of therapies can be collaboratively designed with you. Your individual therapy programme will give you more time at your own pace on a one-to-one basis.

Individual therapy programmes are delivered in the comfort of your own home in London. Your programme will typically consist of 6 one-hour therapy sessions which can combine therapies and include components also found within our group programmes as well as additional therapies not available within a group format.

3 Session Therapy Programme including consultation  (3 x 60 minutes): Total: £178.50 [equivalent to: £59.50 per session]

 6 Session Therapy Programme including consultation (6 x 60 minutes): Total: £336 [equivalent to: £56 per session]

3 Session Therapy Programme following consultation (3 x 60 minutes): Total: £175.50 [equivalent to: £58.50 per session]

6 Session Therapy Programme following consultation (6 x 60 minutes): Total: £330 [equivalent to: £55 per session]

Therapy Session following consultation (60 minutes): Total: £65 per session

All bookings are made using our online booking system

Specific therapies will be recommended for you on the basis of your personal consultation. We strongly recommend a personally tailored holistic therapy programme, but certain therapies may be booked for stand-alone 30-60 min sessions once a face-to-face consultation has been completed. Manasa Ayurveda therapies include:

Wholesome cleaning/elimination therapies (samshodhana)

  • Internal purification/cleansing (antathparomarjana)

    • Nasal insufflation/drops (nasya/sirovirecana) (30 mins - £35)

    • Enema with medicated oils (anuvasana vasti/basti)

    • Enema with medicated decoctions (niruha/asthapana vasti/basti)

    • Purgative therapy (virecana)

  • External purification/cleansing (bahiparimarjana)

    • External oleation therapy - e.g. massages (bahya snehana)

    • External retention/containment (bahya vasti/basti)

      • Basti for the lower back (kati vasti/basti) (45 mins - £35)

      • Basti around the area of neck/between shoulder blades (greeva vasti/basti) (45 mins - £35)

      • Basti around the knee area (janu vasti/basti) (45 mins - £35)

      • Basti around heart marma-point (hridaya vasti/basti) (45 mins - £35)

      • Basti around navel region (nabhi vasti/basti) (45 mins - £35)

      • Basti on the head region (shiro basti/vasti)

      • Basti around each chakra of the body (chakra basti/vasti)

      • Basti around the eye area (netra basti/vasti) (60 mins - £67)

    • Energy-point treatment (marma cikitsa) (60 mins - £67)

    • Ayurvedic powder massage (udvartana) (60 mins - £67)

    • Methods of therapeutic oil application to the head (murdha taila)

      • Ayurvedic Head Massage (shiroabhyanga) (40 mins - £35)

      • Shirodhara (a steady stream of warm oil gently poured in a rhythmical movement over the forehead) (60 mins £72)

      • Therapeutic herbal oil compress for the head (shiropicu) (30 mins - £35)

    • Herbal head-packs (shirolepa/thalapothichil) (30 mins - £35)

    • Filling of the ears with warmed oil (karnapurana) (30 mins - £35)

    • Warmed ghee treatment for the eyes (akshi tarpana) (30 mins - £35)

    • Inhalation - of essential oil infused vapour (dhuma/navana)

    • Fumigation - e.g. using incense or essential oils (dhupa/dhupana)

    • Sudation therapy/sweat inducing therapy (svedavidhi)

      • Herbal-rice bolus massage (pinda sveda) (30 mins - £35)

      • Herbal decoction/oil poured over the body (seka/pariseka, e.g. shirodhara)

      • Ayurvedic herbal bath (avagaha)

  • Surgical methods (sastra pranidhana)

    • Blood letting - giving blood (raktamoksha) [not practiced by Manasa Ayurveda]

Wholesome soothing/alleviation therapy (samshamana)

  • Therapeutic substances (ausadha) e.g. for mind rejuvenation (medhya rasayanas)

    • Powders (curna)

    • Expressed juices (swarasa)

    • Pastes (avaleha/kalka)

    • Decoctions (kwatha)

    • Cold infusions (hima kalpana)

    • Hot infusions (phanta kalpana)

    • Oils (taila)

    • Ghee (ghrta)

Life-style counselling (sattvavajaya)

  • Diet advice for eating well according to your own mind and body (ahara)

    • Personal diet suggestions

    • Ayurvedic Recipes

      • Smoothies

      • Herbal teas

  • Ayurvedic exercise regime for wellbeing (vyayama)

    • Breath control (pranayama)

      • Breath of fire (bhastrika)

      • Humming breath (bhramari)

      • Cleansing breath exercise (kapalabhati)

      • Alternate nostril breathing (nadhi shodhana)

      • Controlled deep breathing exercise (sama ortti)

      • Cooling breath (shitali pranayama)

  • Ayurvedic sleep hygiene (nidra)

  • Therapy for the senses/elements of sensory perception (Indriyas)

  • Conduct and behavioural change (acara)

Spiritual therapies (daivavyapasraya)

  • Ten meritorious deeds (dasapunna)

    • Giving generously (dana)

    • Living ethically (sila)

    • Meditative development (bhavana)

    • Being respectful (apacayana)

    • Helpful activity (veyyavacca)

    • Sharing the good fruit of one’s actions (anumodana)

    • Rejoicing in others merits (pattanumodana)

    • Teaching Dhamma (Dhammadesana)

    • Listening to Dhamma (Dhammassavana)

    • Straightening out one’s views (ditthijju-kamma)

  • Talismans containing potent hymns and anti-toxic herbs (ausadhi)

  • Repetition of mantras or incantations (japa)

  • Fasting (upvasa)

  • Wearing of gems and stones; e.g. related to a particular planet (mani)

Mental therapies (samatha-samadhi)

  • Breath mindfulness (anapanasati)

  • Brahmaviharas (subjects selected for personal meditation training)

    • Loving-kindness (metta/maitri)

    • Compassion (karuna)

    • Empathetic joy (mudita)

    • Equanimity (upekkha/upeksha)

  • Kasinas (objects selected for personal meditation training)

    • Air Kasina

    • Blue Kasina

    • Earth Kasina

    • Fire Kasina

    • Red Kasina

    • Space Kasina

    • Water Kasina

    • White Kasina

    • Yellow Kasina

  • Gazing mediation (trataka)

  • Lothesomeness meditation (asuba bhavana)

Cognitive therapies (vipassana-panna)

  • Breath mindfulness (anapanasati)

  • Mindfulness training (smrti)

    • Body awareness (kayanupassana)

    • Sensations/feelings awareness (vedananupassana)

    • Mind awareness (cittanupassana)

    • Mental contents and processes awareness (dhammanupassana)

  • Therapeutic focus on the three marks of existence (trilakshana)

    • Impermance (anicca)

    • Unsatisfactoriness/suffering (dukkha)

    • Essencelessness/non-self (anatta)