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Stress Awareness Month has been held every April, since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. Despite this running for 20 years there is still a long way to go. According to the Mental health Foundation 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Millions of us around the UK are experiencing high levels of stress and it is damaging our health. Stress is one of the great public health challenges of our time, but it still isn’t being taken as seriously as physical health concerns. Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression. It is also linked to physical health problems like heart disease, problems with our immune system, insomnia and digestive problems.

Manasa Ayurveda is the first in the UK to introduce a unique Buddhist Ayurvedic approach to stress, mental health & well-being. Manasa Ayurveda services are led by a highly knowledgable and experienced UK registered mental health professional. During Stress Awareness Month 2019 we are offering a 75% off online consultations for EVERYONE .

Our online consultations are undertaken by a highly qualified Ayurvedic consultant and UK registered mental healthcare professional. You will be provided with an online assessment of your physical, behavioural, emotional and cognitive situation, receive recommendations for your health and wellbeing in a detailed personal report.

Your online consultation will include:

Completion of our Mind-Body Assessment

This consists of multiple-choice questions and gives space for you to describe any problems you might have (the form takes around 15-45 minutes to complete). Once submitted, this form is emailed directly to a Manasa Ayurveda therapist for analysis.

Discussion on Assessment Findings

You will book a time convenient for yourself and your therapist to talk by phone. Your therapist will call you at the time you book. During the call (usually around 30-45 minutes), your therapist will discuss the findings of the analysis and, where helpful, ask further questions.

Personal Report

Once your online consultation is completed, your personal report will be compiled and sent by mail or given to you in person.

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For your 75% discount use the code: STRESS-AWARENESS

To learn more about National Stress Awareness Month here.