Workshop: Strengthening & controlling the senses (indriyabala & indriyabhigraha)


Manasa Ayurveda Workshop

Theme: Strengthening & controlling the senses (indriyabala & indriyabhigraha)

Venue: The London Buddhist Vihara, Chiswick, London, W4 1UD

Time: Tuesday evening, 30th April (18:00-20:30)

Cost: £25


In a safe, friendly and respectful space with a small group (around six to eight people), you'll learn how to look after your well-being using a personally tailored Buddhist Ayurvedic approach. The theme of this workshop is strengthening and controlling the senses (indriyabala & indriyabhigraha)*

During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to remove toxins (ama) and improve our digestive strength (agnibala)

  • How to strengthen and control our senses (indriyabala & indriyabhigraha)

  • How to practice mindfulness of feelings (vedanānupassana)

  • How to select and blend our own personal herbal teas (phanta kalpana)

  • How to apply Ayurvedic face massage (mukhabyanga) & nasal drops (nasya/sirovirecana)

*This stand-alone workshop also forms session 3 of the full Manasa Ayurveda 8-week Holistic Well-being Course.