Añjana (collyrium therapy) in Buddhist Ayurvedic Psychiatry


Añjana refers to instillation of medicine into the eyes and eye ointments. It is listed as ascyotana (eye drops) in the earliest Buddhist teachings, and use of ointments for this purpose was allowed by the Buddha:

I allow, monks, these ointments [añjana]: black collyrium, rasa-ointment, sota-ointment, yellow-ochre, lamp-black
— Vin.I.203

The Ayurvedic texts instruct the use of a dharani (invocation) of a healing Buddha when preparing an añjana (collyrium). Añjana (collyrium therapy) is recognized as a treatment for mental health problems according to Ayurvedic texts and a number of recipes for añjana in the treatment of mental health problems are given.

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