Face-to-face consultation: blood sugar levels


Our Manasa Ayurveda consultations are undertaken by registered healthcare professionals and as well as using traditional Ayurvedic methods also include professional physical health checks. One of these checks is of your blood sugar levels.

Why do we do this?

Sugar levels in our body fluctuate depending on what we eat and drink and how active we are. They can also be affected by some medicines and how stressed we feel. High levels of sugar in the blood can happen if we have too much food and there is not enough insulin in the body to balance blood sugar. This can make us feel tired and nauseous. Low blood sugar can happen if we have not eaten enough or there is too much insulin in the body to balance blood sugar and can cause shaking, a fast heartbeat, sweating, tiredness and irritability. Changes in blood sugar may be a sign of diabetes. Over a long period of time high sugar levels can damage blood vessels and can lead to heart disease.

What happens?

  • A glucose strip is inserted into a glucose monitor

  • The tip of one of your fingers is cleaned

  • Your finger is pricked using a sterile lancet and a drop of blood squeezed onto the test strip

  • The glucose monitor reads the test strip

  • You are given some cotton wool to clean your finger

  • Your Manasa Ayurveda therapist will tell you the result and record it on a chart

What do the results mean?

In general, for the majority of people a normal blood sugar level is around 4-7 mmol/L, but this depends on the time of day when the test is done. It will usually be lowest in the morning and higher after meals, a normal target would be under 8.5-9mmol/L 2 hours after a meal. If your blood sugar level is unexpectedly high or low, we can repeat the test and may suggest that you also inform your GP of this result so that further blood tests can be done if required.

Ayurveda has many therapy options which can be used to help with managing blood sugar levels. Contact us to find out more.