Therapy Programme

Following your consultation we encourage a full, personally tailored, programme of therapies. Your full programme will include three or six 90 minute sessions in the comfort of your own home. At the end of each (weekly) session you will be given simple assignments designed to empower your achievement of mental health and wellbeing through Ayurvedic principles.   

Your personally tailored therapy programme will usually include:

  • Ayurvedic Head Massage (using personally selected herb infused oils) (Shiroabhyanga)

  • Shirodhara (a steady stream of warm oil gently poured in a rhythmical movement over the forehead)

  • Manasa Ayurveda Life-Style counselling (Sattvavajaya)

  • Herbal Head-Packs (using herbs, fresh flowers and other natural ingredients to naturally cool and soothe the mind) (Shirolepa)

  • Herbal Infusions (herbal teas personally blended for you using selected herbs based on Ayurvedic principles) (Phanta)

  • Meditation Training (using a suitable subject personally selected for your mental health and well-being) (Samatha-Vippasana)

  • Ayurvedic Incense/Essential Oils (or personally selected aromatic incense or essential oils for healing the mind) (Dhupa)

  • Marma Therapy (treatment of Marma points (energy points) connected with the mind using massage therapy) (Shiromarmacikitsa)

 3 Session Therapy Programme (3 x 90 minutes) (usual price: £210 - 10% discount)£189

6 Session Therapy Programme (6 x 90 minutes) (usual price: £420 20% discount): £336

We understand that you may prefer a stand-alone session before completing your full programme. Following consultation, 90 minute stand-alone home-based sessions usually include: 

  • Ayurvedic Head Massage (using personally selected herb infused oils) (Shiroabhyanga)

  • Marma Therapy (treatment of Marma points (energy points) connected with the mind using massage therapy) (Shiromarmacikitsa)

  • Manasa Ayurveda Life-Style counselling (Sattvavajaya)

Therapy Session (90 minutes): £70

Consultation (90 minutes) and Therapy Session (90 minutes) (usual price £135 - 10% discount): £121.50

Our Main Therapies & Interventions


  • Murdha taila (methods of oil application to the head)

  • Bahya Snehana (external oleation therapy e.g. massages)

  • Samśodhana (wholesome cleaning/elimination therapies)

  • Nasya/sirovirecana (nasal insufflation/drops)

  • Shirodhara (flow of warm oil or herbalised liquids to the head)

  • Shiropicu (compress to the head)

  • Thalapothichil (Shirolepa) (herbal head pack)

  • Karnapurana (filling the ears with oil)

  • Dhupa/dhupana (herbal fumigation)

  • Svedavidhi (sudation therapies)

  • Avagaha (Ayurvedic herbal bath)

  • Auṣadha (personally selected herbs for healing the mind)

  • Meḍhyā rasāyanas (herbal teas and infusions and capsules)

  • Taila (Ayurvedic oils)


  • Āhāra (Ayurvedic diet)

  • Ayayama (Ayurvedic exercise regime)

  • Nidrā (Ayurvedic sleep hygiene)

  • Indriyās (Therapy for the senses/elements of sensory perception)

  • Ācāra (Conduct and behavioural change)

  • Daivavyapāsraya (spiritual therapies)


  • Brahmavihāras (subjects selected for personalised meditation training)

  • Kasinas (objects selected for personal meditation training)


  • Ānāpānasati (breath mindfulness)Smṛti (mindfulness) training

  • Trilakṣaṇa (therapeutic focus on the three marks of existence)

  • Smṛti (mindfulness) training