Personal Consultation - Online

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Personal Consultation - Online

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Our online personal consultation service consists of the following:

1. Completion of our Mind-Body Assessment Form: You will be provided with access to our online Mind-Body Assessment Form. This consists of multiple-choice questions and gives space for you to describe any problems you might have. Once submitted, this form is emailed directly to a Manasa Ayurveda therapist for analysis.

2. Following analysis of your Mind-Body Assessment Form by a Manasa Ayurveda therapist you will be contacted via email to establish a time convenient for both to talk, and your therapist will call you at the agreed time for a 15 minute consultation. During the call, your therapist will discuss the findings of the analysis and if necessary, ask further questions.

3. Following your consultation, you will be emailed a written report on your:

  • Prakruti - body constitution
  • Diet, physical activity and sleep
  • Agnibala – digestive function
  • Smriti – memory and mindfulness
  • Vikruti – current imbalances

Your full report will also include personally tailored advice on:

  • Your optimal diet and nutrition, exercise and sleep
  • Personally suggested methods for training and developing the mind 
  • How to improve your personal digestive function for better health
  • Personally tailored methods for improving your memory and mindfulness  
  • Natural remedies and tailor-made treatments for the mind and body
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