To ensure the best possible service and clinical outcomes, we insist upon a full consultation before therapy sessions are undertaken. Your initial 90 minute consultation will entail a detailed mind-body assessment in the comfort of your own home with a fully qualified and insured Ayurvedic Therapist who is also an experienced UK registered Mental Health Professional.

Your consultation will entail:

  • Questions and discussion focused on your well-being 
  • Use of a validated Ayurvedic symptom scale for mental health
  • Traditional Ayurvedic assessment using pulse and tongue analysis
  • Individual analysis of your own unique mind-body constitution
  • Creation of a personally tailored self-care and therapy programme (a copy will be sent in writing)

Your personally tailored self-care programme will include suggestions on:

  • Ayurvedic mind-body detox 
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle for mental health & well-being (e.g. diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep)


Consultation (90 minutes): £65

Consultation (90 minutes) and Therapy Session (90 minutes) (usual price £135 - 10% discount): £121.50


London areas covered include most locations within zones 1-6. All bookings are made using our online booking system