Manasa Ayurveda

We seek to evaluate and build a scientific evidence-base for our Manasa Ayurveda therapy programme. Measuring clinical outcomes will help demonstrate that our approach really works. Through measuring clinical outcomes we can also compare our service with mainstream clinical interventions for mental health and well-being. 

CORE-OM Scores

Evidence of Reliable Change - reduction in psychological global distress in a 2017 Manasa Ayurveda client

The CORE-OM is a scientifically validated self-report questionnaire used nationwide in the UK. It was designed to measure change in the mental health of adults in the context of psychotherapy service delivery. Its adoption within Manasa Ayurveda forms part of our service evaluation process and adds a contemporary scientific orientation to the evaluation of our therapy service. 

Reliable change, as measured by the CORE-OM, is change that exceeds that which might be expected by chance alone or measurement error. It is represented by a change of 5 or more in the clinical score. As seen in the line graph here, which shows CORE-OM results from one recent case example, we can use this tool to show evidence of reliable change resulting from our therapy programme using this measure.   

Both at the very start of the initial assessment, at the end of the programme, and at a 3 months following the end of the programme, we ask clients to kindly complete the CORE-OM self-report questionnaire. In this way, we can scientifically demonstrate reliable and/or clinically significant change associated with our approach according to measures currently used nationally within UK mental health services.