Many who suffer from serious mental illness are the most economically disadvantaged in our society. They may be unwaged and currently unable to work due to their illness. Such people are those who could most benefit from Manasa Ayurveda. 

With a focus on mental health for everyone, our aim is accessibility for all. Manasa Ayurveda operates on a not-for-profit basis and has a charitable dimension and purpose: 

The relief of sickness and improvement of mental health and wellbeing for the public benefit. In particular by providing Ayurvedic therapies for people suffering mental illness and distress.

Alongside our home-based therapy work, we operate on a charitable basis. This currently involves working with clients at a day centre in South London run by the UK mental health charity, Mind. We are not sponsored or funded by Mind. In order to maintain such charitable operations, we rely upon donations to cover basic material costs. To support this aspect of our work please make a donation by clicking the button below. 

Thank you